More About Me

My driving passion is to help people live their best lives. What I’ve come to realize about the world of real estate is – it’s about so much more than a house: it’s about going beyond the list of must-haves and discovering the intangible elements that create a true sense of home. People tend to make big decisions in a vacuum based on assumptions about the “smart” way to buy or sell a house without market data or expert advice that can make a big difference.
What I bring to the world of real estate is keen problem solving skills and the kind of communication that puts my clients at ease and consistently wins them the home they want or the sale price they desire. I’ll work to understand your hopes, dreams and goals and will create a tailored roadmap that gets you from where you are to where you want to be.
From the get-go, I go beyond presenting offers and managing contracts. I invest time up front helping clients sort through all the buy-sell decisions —even if someone is just contemplating their next move. I bring a comprehensive understanding of the ever-changing market to the table, and help each individual navigate the process. The result is a smooth, well-informed experience that’s easy to understand. As an unrelenting advocate, I utilize strategic negotiating skills that work. I often get feedback from folks that how I work uncovers or helps hone a sense of purpose and direction when faced with the daunting task of buying, selling and moving. This gives me a great sense of accomplishment and gives clients a better journey home.


Consistently people say to me “Nancy you made that so much easier than I heard it would be.” The bottom line? You’re in good hands with me. I understand the art and science of selling a home – it’s about maximizing a sale for the best return and minimizing seller stress. Together, we’ll decide which improvements are worth investing in, efficiently bringing the house to it’s best self with a skilled team. We’ll also determine the ideal time for listing the house as part of our marketing and pricing strategy.


Some people spend more time planning a vacation or wedding than they do planning to buy a house. But purchasing a house isn’t like buying anything else; a house is a dynamic combination of meeting your housing needs and creating one of your most powerful investment tools.

As a sought after and respected real estate broker with a strong track record, I’m an unrelenting advocate for my clients. I listen. I ask probing questions. And I’ll help you understand your options. We’ll work a proven, systematic strategy to help find the best home for you. I’ll help you prioritize and make a plan to get what you want, within your budget. That way, you’ll feel confident to move forward when you find the right house. The upshot? You’ll be well prepared. I’ll write competitive offers that deliver results. We’ll get you where you want be, and have some fun along the way.
I look forward to bringing you the comfort and success you seek.